All About A <3

  1. Hi guys it’s A , and welcome to our blog. If you have seen our first blog you saw how we talked about how blogging didn’t seem interesting it just seemed like someone sitting behind a computer/device screen for a few hours a day and talking about worldly problems!  But then M saw My Life as Eva’s blog here on wordpress .  So then we decided why not make a blog !  We gathered a few topics that we wanted to talk about here on our blog , and just started typing away ! We really do hope to inspire you to make your own blog and follow your dreams and to never give up in life! So for my blog about me I am going to do

10 FUN FACTS ABOUT ME!!!!!!!!!

  1. My favorite color is BLUE
  2. My favorite fast food restaurant  is CHICK-FIL-A     MOO
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I love starbucks

  4. I am going into sixth grade
  5. I Love to dance
  6. My favorite board game is Say anything or L.I.F.E ( not really sure)
  7. I have a PUG
  8. My favorite store is Tar-J aka Target
  9. M & I have been friends since 05′
  10. M & I tried making a Youtube channel but it failed 😉

Yours Truly ,

-A ❤


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